I have ONLY purchased the eBook 
I have a textbook with an eBook Activation Code inside that has NEVER BEEN USED:
I’ve only purchased the eBook, where can I find my eCode?

Once you have purchased an eBook from us, you will receive an email from us with the eBook Access Code inside. If you can’t find the email in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folders as well.

I have a textbook with a digital component, where can I find the eBook Access Code?

Most publishers will have the eBook Access Code printed inside the book, either on the front or back cover. The eBook Access Code may also be found in a back pocket inside the book.

How do I activate my eBook?

Once you have received an eBook Access Code, you can activate your eBook on the publisher’s website.

You can access each publisher’s code redemption portal below:

I have a physical textbook with a USED code inside that needs to be REACTIVATED:
How do I reactivate the eCode inside my secondhand textbook?

Some publishers will allow you to reactivate an eBook Access Code that has already been used by entering a Reactivation Code. This is a separate product from the used eBook Access Code you have, and will be emailed to you once purchased.

The eBook reactivation procedure will depend on the publisher, but you will need both the original used Access Code, as well as your new Reactivation Code.

Follow the instructions provided on the publisher’s code redemption portal, or in the email containing your Reactivation Code.

How can I check if the code inside my secondhand book has been used?

Publishers will be able to tell you whether the code inside your secondhand book has been activated by checking the code you have.

Some publishers provide a code check portal which you can find below:

I’ve ordered an online subscription, how do I access it?

If you have purchased on online subscription, it will be set up automatically once we have the student’s full name, and their student email address. They will be given instruction on how to access their online subscription directly by the publisher via email. If you have not yet supplied us with the student’s school email address, please do so ASAP.