T's Textbooks

The nature of our business means that every year we’re left with thousands of books, which for one reason or another are no longer usable by our students. Editions are updated, curricula change, booklists are altered, and series become unfashionable.


But there’s still plenty of learning to be had with them and we share our customers’ reluctance to see them thrown away. That’s why over the years we’ve worked with a number of charities for whom we’ve collected old edition, unused, and overstocked books no longer eligible to be bought or sold. With the books we’ve donated we’ve helped set up school libraries in remote and underprivileged areas of sub-Saharan Africa and the South Pacific, and the gratitude of students, teachers, and administrators has been extremely rewarding.

We’re thankful to all our schools, customers, and institutions who’ve helped us by donating, but unfortunately the a few of the charities we’ve been working with for some years to send books overseas are currently unable to clear its existing inventory. Funding has run out to send a shipment overseas and so for the time being they aren’t accepting any more books.

If you’d like to help, we’ve set up a GoFundMe page here (https://www.gofundme.com/ship-textbooks-to-poor-countries) so we can continue this valuable work.

Thank you.