About T’s

Our family business began in Randwick with T’s Book Shop in 1975. When our customers started asking about selling their used textbooks, we welcomed them in and a new era of T’s was under way. We quickly out-grew our premises at Randwick, and evolved into T’s Textbooks with our move to Alexandria in 2011, where we still are today. Since then we’ve grown into the largest second hand textbook shop in Sydney. We believe in providing local families and schools with quality service to go with our quality books. Our expert team handles your order with a personalised approach, and are only a phone call away.


Our approach to textbooks is to make the education as cheap and sustainable as possible. We know our families and schools value making education affordable, as well as protecting our planet - and we value our customers. Our unique personalised system means that you can choose secondhand textbooks or new textbooks, and even opt to sell your old school books! We cater to all high school levels right up to HSC books. We specialise in NSW curriculum textbooks, but chances are we can help you with whatever you’re looking for, so please get in touch to chat to our expert staff.

Study Guides

Study guides are an important part of getting the most out of education. We’re big believers in getting all the resources you can to do the best you can. Study guides come in different forms, all the way from text guides - the likes of Sparknotes and Cliffsnotes - to HSC past papers, like the Success One & STRIVE series. We’re proud to curate our stock of study notes both from big companies, like Cambridge’s Checkpoints series, all the way down to locally-printed series such as Dot Point and Blitzing Biology. If you ever have a specific request, please let us know and we’ll find something to suit you!


Every year we help students sell their used school textbooks. Selling second-hand school books is not only sustainable, but also helps families towards a cheaper textbook experience each year. Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. At T’s we recycle everything we can, reusing packaging for shipping and storage. In over 45 years we have never purchased a plastic bag. We work with several charities to donate old school textbooks overseas, developing school and library collections in the Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa, while also keeping valuable education resources out of landfill. 

The more that you Read,
the more things you will Know.
The more that you Learn,
the more places you’ll Go!

-Dr Seuss